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The purpose is not to make Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel a traditional hotel but a designer product entirely planned and completed in such a way as to be the only one of its kind thanks to the special design of its furnishing and finishing elements on the inside walls, as well as the innovative and balanced use of traditional building materials and new materials from the design world.

A number of Italian companies were enrolled for the implementation of the project with the firm intent to combine materials and products of different type and character and excellent aesthetic and functional properties. The curving and, in some cases, even tapered walls made from gypsum wallboard lend the rooms dynamics and spacious look. The combination of indented and projecting curves emphasizes and optimizes space and the use of TREND decorative mosaics, selected thematically for each room, further strengthens the effect.

VENINI produced all hanging lamps. They are made of Murano blown glass and many of them were specially designed by architect Lucchese.

MOLTENI manufactured all special pieces of upholstered furniture designed by Studio Lucchese: beds, sofas, armchairs, chairs.

The insulation and surface finishing of the tapered walls were made in close cooperation with MAPEI.

The rooms have STILE branded parquet flooring individualized by carved floral patterns.

All textiles (curtains, blankets, upholstery fabric) are of the RUBELLI brand.

BMOOD produced original round shower cabins, wash basins and wash-basin tops.

HATRIA supplied wash basins of the Happy Hour series and the You & Me sanitary ware, all bearing the Francesco Lucchese brand label.

COLOMBO DESIGN supplied Blazer locks and bathroom accessories of Francesco Lucchese’s Yoga series.

The water taps and shower handles in the bathrooms are of the Smooth and Stream series, produced by A+DESIGN based on the design of Studio Lucchese.

All lighting is of the Venere series produced by FABBIAN and bears the Francesco Lucchese brand label.

3M produced the façade covering of the building on the basis of our own design.

ALULIFE made the gilt-finished aluminium steps of the winding staircase connecting the lobby with the restaurant.

DE CASTELLI supplied ornamented steel vases specially designed by Studio Lucchese. 

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