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All flowers together!
Partnership between Rosey's mark and Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel.

During the month of July 2013 launched the most floral Partnership in Sofia. Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel welcomed in their home the young brand devoted to the Bulgarian roses, Rosey's mark. The two organizations joined their power in development of the overall Flower theme concept.

Welcome in the Flower's world!
Everything commence with the greeting. Entering the hotel our guests fall into the world of flowers. A refreshing Damascena rose welcome drink awaits them at the time of arrival.

Do you know that… (useful notes by Rosey's mark).
"Eco" certified with excellent taste, the Rosa Damascena tea not only refreshes and tones but a regular consumption supports the skin to keep it healthy and young looking. Prevents inflammations and is a great stomach regulator.

Taste of roses in Le Bouquet Restaurant.
The degustation package developed by Rosey's mark found his home. Henceforth all degustations will be held exclusively in hotel Les Fleurs. The customers could sense the original taste of roses in one irresistible, modern and romantic way. The Jam of roses made from hand-picked rose petals or the Rose cake served as part of a Le Bouquet gourmet cuisine, tempt the senses in a unique atmosphere.

Degustation packages:
1. Rose Tea (200 ml.) - 2.00 lv.
2. Rose Tea (200 ml.) + cookie with jam of Roses (50 gr.) - 3.50 lv.
3. Rose Tea (200 ml.) + cake with Rose jam - 6.50 lv.

Eat, drink, wear.. and make a gift - one Bulgarian Rose!
To complete this story about flowers and roses, Rosey's mark is presented in the area of Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel's lobby with its full collections of Gourmet, Fashion & Décor. While enjoying a welcome rose drink or just passing by the hotel lobby the visitors can touch the incredible transformations of flowers. Everyone can choose according to his taste: delicious roses as of tea or jam; handmade jewelry made from resin and real roses from Rose Valley; handmade porcelain decorated with roses and a gold stripe. These offers are just a part of the flower garden of Rosey's mark and are unique gifts that can preserve the memories of your stay in the Country of Roses.

Rosey`s mark

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