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The new Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel has appeared as result of the refurbishing and adaptation to the new purposes of its use of the Alexander Building, one of the earliest modern structures in Sofia’s historical centre, situated at the corner of Vitosha Blvd. and Ivan Denkoglu Street, which used to house commercial and service activities at eight above-ground and two underground levels.

The cold and business-like look of the building, largely due to the extensive use of aluminium and glass, was no longer suited to its new functions as a place of accommodation and recreation.

In harmony with the need to change its image, the initial idea was to give a new appearance to the hotel building, a new “wrapping” that would immediately indicate the new role of the structure and its internal life.

The floral concept, which in the history of art and architecture is associated with the period of Art Nouveau by tradition, was revived and interpreted in our project idea with the desire to make the building look natural, spacious, dynamic and colourful, in contrast to its former cold and sterile appearance. This is also the purpose of choosing the name and the logo of the new hotel and this is how Les Fleurs appeared.

The floral theme is part of the physical and colour arrangement of the premises: each room has a floral theme of its own, as a result of which each room is different from the others in terms of size, form, materials and colours. Right from the beginning the concept was applied in the outside finishing of the building and thanks to the use of a special cover capable to filter the natural light and the artificial lighting reacting to them an original picturesque effect was achieved.

The design project that includes lighting equipment for the facades adds to the artistic concept of the building’s appearance at night. 

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